Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I have always been fascinated by windows and doors, especially old ones, and as I travel around, I keep looking for interesting ones. This is a window of a traditional house in Portugal which was taken last year during our visit. I painted a small version of it in colour in a card for Nishka, but decided to do a larger one. Viveck suggested I do this in monotone, so I did using burnt umber, a colour I really love. Viveck thinks this is a really good version, and so do I! I think the colour catches the antiquity of the building, but possibly I should have used handmade paper.Working with a single colour wasn't easy at all...but it certainly taught me about painting perspectives and value!


  1. Loving the monochrome effect Ma...!!
    Try shades of black and grey - they have quite a dramatic effect. I would suggest you take one of Pa's mountain landscapes and try it. That way you can experiment with the washes impressionistic effect too that you had been wanting to do.