Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A year later!

A year later and I decided to reconnect with my blog, and then ignored it again! Have a Facebook page now and that seems so much quicker! But I feel I ne├Ęd to try and  rejuvenate it again!
I haven't painted much this year! Just that life takes over and the mood doesn't arise. Settling into a brand new city and our own home took all my time. Some sketches happened, but not with the same fervour!
In the past year, Sketch Book Skool was a great inspiration! I learnt a lot and seemed to have been able to get rid if some of my inhibitions while painting.
An incredible  holiday in Paris! It's a city that totally inspires one to sketch. The highlight was meeting up with the Urban sketchers in Paris! 

A recent holiday to magical Kashmir! What a fantastic trip, rich with experience and emotion. There is so much in this State and  yet it seems to have been left behind! The people are incredibly warm and friendly, opening their homes to us and sharing their food. The nomad shepherds seemed to be filled with generosity and genuine hospitality while the women made us hot bread and tea in their simple stone homes!