Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm supposed to practice drawing so tried to draw Flea using a 4B pencil...Found I loved the drawing bit...and will probably work to develop this while I learn to paint. I can see how capturing tones in pencil, helps focus on tones and hues while using paints. So I am busy drawing everything in sight!!!!
I am beginning to get the hang of showing perspective in my work now, and also capturing light and shadows.
Still feel that the work is too 'heavy'. Need to get the transparency of water colour!
I decided to just paint a 'still life' for practice....but this came out so well and didn't take too much time to do either. Viveck thinks this is one of my better ones!

More Art!

This was a challenge to do...had to try and capture the transparency of the bottles, the reflections...But I was keen as I think the composition is great as the blue bottle just adds that bit of colour!
Painting folds in cloth is a real challenge and I still need a lot of practice.