Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We have done a HUGE shop for a dinner party we are hosting....the tray of vegetables were just crying out to be painted!!! A quick picture before Nishka decided she wanted to start cooking them!

Monday, March 4, 2013

My First Art Exhibition1

What an amazing first art exhibition!
I don't know how to hyperlink this, so please copy the link onto your browser if you want to see my paintings.
My friend Jyoti and I had a joint exhibition of our water colours. Its been a learning process for the 2  odd years we have been painting together, and finally we felt it was time we 'showed our work' to the public. The exhibition was for three days and we decided to donate the funds we raised to the NGO I work with, VAANI, Deaf Children's Foundation,
Here are the paintings all displayed in my sitting room, the night before I put them up in the gallery!
Hanging the pictures took a lot of time, as we tried to group them so that they complemented each other specially since I had a variety of subjects. My daughter Nafisa said, 'Mom you have some great pieces, and since they are all linked to some sort of personal memory, do you think you will let them go?' Yes I did let them go....and am glad that my special favorites went to people I know....
 The Blue Bottle, a picture I loved doing as painting glass was such a challange!
 Bamboo scaffolding outside my room, knots so amazingly tied that builders climbed up and down with such ease!
 Boats in the backwaters of Kerala! I manged the lights and darks well here!
A doorway in Wan....besides the beauty, it was taken during my firs long trek in the Himalayas, an experience I will never forget!

3 days later I am feeling delighted as I sold 23 out of 30 pictures, and VAANI will be able to start its early intervention programme!