Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tree Tops

We went to the top floor of the Haldiram building opposite the CCFC. I looked out of the window, looking down at the tops of the trees and saw this amazing array of colours, the Gul Mohar like flames really, such vibrant and brilliant colours, the others with yellow and white  flowers,  full of lush and green leaves. Kolkata's saving grace really are its trees that seem to grow in all parts of the city, lining roads, in between buildings and popping up almost everywhere. Thank God for them!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rice fields in Cambodia

This is from reference pics we took on our visit to Cambodia last year. Rice fields which were predominantly yellow and green glowing in the light of the sun, making huge areas a wonderful yellow! I am doing a series of paintings, just random subjects, for a watercolour class I am taking. The idea is to learn something about colour, form, value etc. while painting a picture. I am trying to look at a variety of pictures and subjects. The teacher is a professional artist himself. I  haven't made up my mind whether the classes are actually helping, but at least I am painting regularly every week!!! I am not really happy with this picture, something seems to be not right about it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boats again

Another one from our visit to Arun's farm on the river. Unfortunately the paper seems to have buckled a bit and there seems to be some shadows falling on the grey of the river. Viveck says I should do a little more work on the river to give it a sense of flowing water...but I remember the picture these made, the sun had just come up and the boats and tree were clearly visible but the mist on the river totally covered any view of the water or the other bank!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Viveck and i are walking in the lakes every morning....its such a wonderful place. the trees are all beginning to come into flower now and the ground is covered with blossoms. I picked these up and decided to paint them for the TMC. I am happy with it as i seem to have got the frailness of the pink flowers and the brightness of the yellow blossoms and the one orange gulmohar flower. Such clashing colours, but so perfect in nature!
This next one is for the April water colour challenge at Wet Canvas. It is an old barn in a typical English countryside! I used a pen this time, as i felt it helped define the picture for me!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fallen leaves

Among the many wonderful things that have happened to me since I started painting, is how my mind looks at almost anything and feels it can make a picture! I keep looking for subjects as I walk around or drive to work or do anything for that matter! So this morning when Viveck and I walked to our car, there were these two wonderfully bright yellow leaves lying on the of course I picked them up....the darwan looked very strangely at me indeed!!!! I have a bit of bark that I had picked up a while back, so together it made a wonderful picture! I tried to create a more natural background than the table on which I put the leaves.

Monday, April 11, 2011

So many time to post!

I have been travelling so much in the last few weeks, that have had no time to post....the good thing was that I did keep up the painting...not as much as I wanted to, but managed some, so am posting it altogether!
This first one was of my favourite banyan tree outside my window... I see it through the seasons standing tall and resilient...and so stunningly beautiful, as it changes colours with the seasons. New leaves have just begun to sprout, so I did a quick 20 min challenge, focusing on the brightness of the greens!!
Then we left to spend time with Naeeda in Thailand! We had a great visit to a wonderful resort in Hua Hien. Most herbs in Thailand are ground using stone pestle and mortars, as we do here in India as well. The hotel we stayed at in Hua Hien was clever in the way they displayed these on the steps near the pool....and I thought they made a pretty picture!
I have been using a pen for some of my painting,  and thought it added to the picture in this one. I find a pen helps define and create lights and darks, especially if one doesn't have too much time when painting plaine aire.
The next 2 pictures were painted while on a trip to Shillong from which I came back yesterday! The flowers were a gift, when I arrived, and I thought the best way to preserve the memory would be to paint a quick picture....and so I did! It took about a half hour, and I enjoyed focusing on the colours.
We stayed in a wonderful little cottage in Upper Shillong. Shillong has changed, in many ways for the worse, as it has become crowded and there are actually traffic jams! However we were fortunate to stay away from the crowd and in a quiet space. The short walks we took, wandering down little lanes with hill sides covered in daisies and any number of wild flowers reminded me of my school days in all seemed so far away from Kolkata and its crowds and constant noise! This was a view from our window early in the morning....
The next 2 are paintings from reference pictures of Portugal. I am teaching myself to paint from reference pictures and use them as points of reference only. I have a tendency to try and paint everything on the picture, which often makes a messy picture. So now I leave out unnecessary details and create my own picture! This is a new skill for me and one that is helping me paint more in the way I want to.