Saturday, July 11, 2009

Looking outside the window at Moore Avenue

I completed this today...and am so very pleased with it. Its not perfect, as I still seem to make the paint opaque...when it should be translucent! But I have managed to get the depth...which is a good feeling.
What is interesting is that with each painting I seem to learn a little more and realise where my mistakes have been! This is view from the window from my class! I loved the spiral stairs!

2 more 'works of art'

I thought I'd paint the Dhobhi ghat for Naeeda as a present...but the first one came out very badly...the perspective was all wrong! This one is better but the perspective is still not as I want it, so I am uploading it and not giving it to Naeeda. She is going to have to wait for a better one! This is a good way to keep a record as well...and the next one (which will be my third attempt) will probably be goodish!!