Sunday, June 28, 2009

I did this yesterday and am 'mighty' pleased with it, as my friend Jyoti would say! We have been doing still life paintings as Habib says the more we master still life the better we will be at everything else. He insists we observe details and try and be as accurate as we can... When I compare my pintings from when I started, I can actually see improvement...and what is even more fascinating is that I seem to be developing my own unique 'style'! Jyoti did the same picture and the way she represented it was so different to mine!

Its been 6 weeks since I started my painting classes. Its been an amazing experience. I look forward to the classes and am making time during the week as well. I come away from each session totally relaxed and definitely feeling all's right with the world!!I am learning to concentrate and observe..see shadows and lights in everything around. Unconsciously I seem to look around to see images I can paint...think about how reflections and movements can be captured on paper. I think water colour is fascinating as it is so fluid, and yet certainly difficult to actually work with, but then thats the challenge...
I have taken Naffy's advice and carry a drawing book in the car with me and try and draw things as I spot them... Its certainly helping.
I enjoyed doing this one, as I tried to capture the shine on the brass, and the colours of te brass itself. Its facinating how many tones each image has.