Sunday, June 28, 2009

Its been 6 weeks since I started my painting classes. Its been an amazing experience. I look forward to the classes and am making time during the week as well. I come away from each session totally relaxed and definitely feeling all's right with the world!!I am learning to concentrate and observe..see shadows and lights in everything around. Unconsciously I seem to look around to see images I can paint...think about how reflections and movements can be captured on paper. I think water colour is fascinating as it is so fluid, and yet certainly difficult to actually work with, but then thats the challenge...
I have taken Naffy's advice and carry a drawing book in the car with me and try and draw things as I spot them... Its certainly helping.
I enjoyed doing this one, as I tried to capture the shine on the brass, and the colours of te brass itself. Its facinating how many tones each image has.

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