Sunday, June 28, 2009

I did this yesterday and am 'mighty' pleased with it, as my friend Jyoti would say! We have been doing still life paintings as Habib says the more we master still life the better we will be at everything else. He insists we observe details and try and be as accurate as we can... When I compare my pintings from when I started, I can actually see improvement...and what is even more fascinating is that I seem to be developing my own unique 'style'! Jyoti did the same picture and the way she represented it was so different to mine!


  1. amazing work, ma! keep at it... the still life's great!! you can already see the growth in your work... put up some of the doodles of your work too.. it really helps, because then you'll be able to see the whole process...

  2. Hi Brinda, will have to start calling you Van Gogh soon! Really love your paintings, can't wait to see how you portray Portugal in watercolor!