Friday, January 28, 2011

The old Mosque on the banks of the Hooghly

We were on a ferry sailing up and down river on the Hooghly. For those of you who may not know Kolkata, its the river that flows through the city! It is one of the few tidal rivers in India, and connects with the sea at Diamond Harbour. There is so much history on the banks of this river, to think the British first sailed up this river when they landed  in Eastern India, and arrived in Kolkata which was just a set of villages then....We've come a long way from there, but the tragedy is that no one has really done much to preserve the history, and as we sailed down river we came across these old building and houses, so strategically located with a wonderful access to the river, but neglected and uncared for now...
This is a view of an old Mosque, which was visible from the boat, and it made a lovely picture. with all the many greens of the trees, and the top of the Mosque peeping put. We are still having winter weather in Kolkata, so although it was a clear bright day, the sun was not too hot, but bright enough to make the mosque glow and gleam.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Flower Seller

Its winter in Kolkata, a wonderful season, when flowers abound and these little flower sellers pop up all over the place. This the one outside my local market! I was fascinated by the colours...the reds, pinks and yellows of the gladioli, and the bright marigold garlands, off set beautifully with the white ladies lace and tube roses! I thought I would paint it on the spot but a crowd began to gather, and I still don't have the confidence to paint with people looking on! So i took a series of pictures for reference.  The painting is a little disappointing, am thinking of doing it again....I feel I should have used more wet style...I don't like the hard lines around the flowers, but I do like the lights and shadows!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Castle

I did this for the WC January challenge. I am going to try and do all 12 challenges this year! I decided to do a 'sketch' version of the original reference  picture....Its a small piece of work 7"X8". Nafisa really liked it and wants me to do a larger version! I think the pen lines have helped define the picture, and I like the look it has created.

Friday, January 14, 2011


These leaves popped out at me during my evening walk at the CCFC! Since i have started painting I look really closely at details and colour....and these were a real pink, some bits almost a 'rani' pink! The sun was very bright and shone directly on them, making some of he leaves look almost white! I did a quick sketch, 20 mins. and really like the picture!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wonderful greens

This is the bush we saw at the Horti, and which has been my inspiration for the last painting! I love the colours, so vibrant and bright. The sun was shining, and although it was an evening sun, it lit up the leaves! I am getting more confident in being able to paint depth using a wet technique, and often allowing the colours to mix on their own on the paper!

A bright spot of colour!

Nafisa, Shashank and I went for a walk to the Horticulture gardens in Alipore to see the annual rose and chrysanthemum show! The flowers were beautiful, but possibly not as much of a variety as last year! The sun was going down as we walked and suddenly I saw this wonderful bush with brightly coloured leaves, in yellows, golds and green, like a beacon of light against a carpet of dead and fallen leaves! The kids patiently watched as I started taking reference photographs!
These are 2 of the pictures that came out of the afternoon walk! I have begun to use a black ink pen to enhance my paintings, and like the effect....but I also like the very wet on wet style of someone like David Webb!  I feel anxious sometimes that I haven't decided on any one  way of painting, that becomes my own distinctive style. Ah well!!!! One will continue to practice and learn!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Brass Hanging Lamp

I have some wonderful old hanging brass lamps. This one hangs in the doorway which leads out to a space where I have many potted plants, mostly greens! I liked the fact that the lamp was in the shade and the bright sunlight shone on some of the leaves in the background. It was a quick painting, the whole thing took me about an hour....Nafisa gave me two special pens to use with Indian ink so I thought that I would use them with this painting! The more I use the pens, the more I like the effect they create!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenging myself!

I've started another blog as a challenge to myself! Its to help me paint everyday...So this was the first for the new blog....a picture of my beautifully bright glads which I got for the New Year!
I am extremely pleased with this picture as I completed it in 20 mins...for the 20 Min. Challenge, and it has come out the way it should! The vase is a favourite...a cut glass one which I got at my wedding many many years ago!