Friday, January 28, 2011

The old Mosque on the banks of the Hooghly

We were on a ferry sailing up and down river on the Hooghly. For those of you who may not know Kolkata, its the river that flows through the city! It is one of the few tidal rivers in India, and connects with the sea at Diamond Harbour. There is so much history on the banks of this river, to think the British first sailed up this river when they landed  in Eastern India, and arrived in Kolkata which was just a set of villages then....We've come a long way from there, but the tragedy is that no one has really done much to preserve the history, and as we sailed down river we came across these old building and houses, so strategically located with a wonderful access to the river, but neglected and uncared for now...
This is a view of an old Mosque, which was visible from the boat, and it made a lovely picture. with all the many greens of the trees, and the top of the Mosque peeping put. We are still having winter weather in Kolkata, so although it was a clear bright day, the sun was not too hot, but bright enough to make the mosque glow and gleam.

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