Sunday, January 9, 2011

A bright spot of colour!

Nafisa, Shashank and I went for a walk to the Horticulture gardens in Alipore to see the annual rose and chrysanthemum show! The flowers were beautiful, but possibly not as much of a variety as last year! The sun was going down as we walked and suddenly I saw this wonderful bush with brightly coloured leaves, in yellows, golds and green, like a beacon of light against a carpet of dead and fallen leaves! The kids patiently watched as I started taking reference photographs!
These are 2 of the pictures that came out of the afternoon walk! I have begun to use a black ink pen to enhance my paintings, and like the effect....but I also like the very wet on wet style of someone like David Webb!  I feel anxious sometimes that I haven't decided on any one  way of painting, that becomes my own distinctive style. Ah well!!!! One will continue to practice and learn!


  1. This is lovely, Brinda. Such beautiful marriage of colours.

  2. Thanks Marmsk...I got so inspired by the sudden burst of colour!