Friday, September 13, 2013


I have done this for a friend, a farewell present since we are relocating to Bangalore. Rickshaws are so symbolic of Kolkata, and what most people associate almost as a symbol of this city! This was done from a photograph I took while on an early morning walk into the old parts of the city in North Kolkata!
As we get ready to leave this city after almost 40 years, there is some sadness and a lot of nostalgia!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beautiful ruins!

Finally I have broken the hiatus of not having touched any paints for the last 2 months....becoming a grandmother is certainly full time business!
So this is from reference pictures of a church I saw in the Ukraine a very very long time ago. Its a painting for Sujoy's 40th birthday. I have used a handmade paper, which was difficult to work on, but well worth the effort! Lets hope Suj likes it!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sketching in Ko Lanta!

Naeeda and David's present for Viveck's retirement has been this amazing week in Ko Lanta in Thailand, a wonderful sea side resort. We had our own little self catering cottage over looking the sea, from a cliff! Of course a painters paradise! The interesting thing was that every day the colours of the sea and the sky, the lights of the sun, changed, possibly because the rainy season is starting and the storms were so dramatic! Just a few photographs.....

And my sketches. Wonderful to paint plain aire too....I get so little opportunity normally! These are of Kantiang bay, the bay that was 'ours'! Our cottage overlooked the bay and I loved painting the views! The black rocks are basalt rocks according to my geologist daughter!

A fallen leaf on a clump of bamboos!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We have done a HUGE shop for a dinner party we are hosting....the tray of vegetables were just crying out to be painted!!! A quick picture before Nishka decided she wanted to start cooking them!

Monday, March 4, 2013

My First Art Exhibition1

What an amazing first art exhibition!
I don't know how to hyperlink this, so please copy the link onto your browser if you want to see my paintings.
My friend Jyoti and I had a joint exhibition of our water colours. Its been a learning process for the 2  odd years we have been painting together, and finally we felt it was time we 'showed our work' to the public. The exhibition was for three days and we decided to donate the funds we raised to the NGO I work with, VAANI, Deaf Children's Foundation,
Here are the paintings all displayed in my sitting room, the night before I put them up in the gallery!
Hanging the pictures took a lot of time, as we tried to group them so that they complemented each other specially since I had a variety of subjects. My daughter Nafisa said, 'Mom you have some great pieces, and since they are all linked to some sort of personal memory, do you think you will let them go?' Yes I did let them go....and am glad that my special favorites went to people I know....
 The Blue Bottle, a picture I loved doing as painting glass was such a challange!
 Bamboo scaffolding outside my room, knots so amazingly tied that builders climbed up and down with such ease!
 Boats in the backwaters of Kerala! I manged the lights and darks well here!
A doorway in Wan....besides the beauty, it was taken during my firs long trek in the Himalayas, an experience I will never forget!

3 days later I am feeling delighted as I sold 23 out of 30 pictures, and VAANI will be able to start its early intervention programme!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A First!!!!

This is the first picture I have done from memory! This was a tree I came across on my trek to Roopkund. It stayed in my mind, such a very clear picture! I think what struck me was that in spite of the huge hole in the root caused by a fire, tiny leaves had again begun to sprout on the trunk. The tree was huge and so awe inspiring! I did a sketch while waiting for a break from walking. 4 years later it is still so vivid in my mind. I decided to paint a picture of it....and am delighted with the result.
This picture also shows how far I have come in my painting....I used a 'difficult to use' hand made paper, really rough, but terrific, quite a wet style, a thick brush, a very small palette of ultramarine blue, burnt umber, paynes grey and sap green....shut my eyes,didn't think too much, imagined the picture and tried to recreate it!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

In the Sun...Gujarat

I did a sketch of this picture soon after I took it. I am now getting ready for my first ever exhibition, and so have done a bigger version of it. I loved the moment it captured....a group of women jumping out of a over stuffed jeep, which came a halt in front of my car during a field visit in rural Gujarat last year! The memory remains, the laughter, the bright colours of their clothes, and a sense of lightness and freedom, almost, as they jumped out and sat under the tree, chattering all the time!

Early morning mist

At present, the early mornings in Kolkata are shrouded in ground mist, which remains well into late morning when a weak sun tries to show itself! This doesn't deter the early morning walker! I tried to capture the mist and the greys and pinks that make a unique light, the shadows under the trees and the light ahead! Viveck says that this picture is 'bleak', but I think its come out well !

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The last Puri sketch!

The boganvilla bush were in abundance, full of bright pink flowers! The old blue gate that leads to the sea, all caught in a really bright sunlight made a nice picture!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More glimpses of Puri!

Its calm and peaceful in Puri. The kids and Viveck are out swimming in the sea, its a cool and balmy day and I am sitting on the Varandah and painting....there are no schedules to keep, as time lazily moves on.
This tree has been here since I first started coming to Puri over 30 years ago. It has withstood all the many storms that hit the Puri coast during the Monsoons!