Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A First!!!!

This is the first picture I have done from memory! This was a tree I came across on my trek to Roopkund. It stayed in my mind, such a very clear picture! I think what struck me was that in spite of the huge hole in the root caused by a fire, tiny leaves had again begun to sprout on the trunk. The tree was huge and so awe inspiring! I did a sketch while waiting for a break from walking. 4 years later it is still so vivid in my mind. I decided to paint a picture of it....and am delighted with the result.
This picture also shows how far I have come in my painting....I used a 'difficult to use' hand made paper, really rough, but terrific, quite a wet style, a thick brush, a very small palette of ultramarine blue, burnt umber, paynes grey and sap green....shut my eyes,didn't think too much, imagined the picture and tried to recreate it!

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  1. This is lovely...just enough detail so that your mind completes the picture. You did really well from memory!