Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tree Tops

We went to the top floor of the Haldiram building opposite the CCFC. I looked out of the window, looking down at the tops of the trees and saw this amazing array of colours, the Gul Mohar like flames really, such vibrant and brilliant colours, the others with yellow and white  flowers,  full of lush and green leaves. Kolkata's saving grace really are its trees that seem to grow in all parts of the city, lining roads, in between buildings and popping up almost everywhere. Thank God for them!


  1. It's amazing what soft greenery and flowers can do to soften and enhance the hard, harshness of our stone buildings. So important in concrete jungles.
    Your painting shows that appreciation.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting. I really appreciate that!

  3. I am slowly trying to catch up on blogs I've missed lately. I love the vibracy you've got in the last few paintings. Lovely work.

    I had to redo my blog due to technical problems with the original one. Please come visit the new blog at

  4. I recently came across your blog and got to liking it immediately.Hope to see many such lovely pictures.

  5. I did a wonderful journey through your paintings, thank you sharing.
    And yes a bit of greenery in all that gray is welcome.