Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rice fields in Cambodia

This is from reference pics we took on our visit to Cambodia last year. Rice fields which were predominantly yellow and green glowing in the light of the sun, making huge areas a wonderful yellow! I am doing a series of paintings, just random subjects, for a watercolour class I am taking. The idea is to learn something about colour, form, value etc. while painting a picture. I am trying to look at a variety of pictures and subjects. The teacher is a professional artist himself. I  haven't made up my mind whether the classes are actually helping, but at least I am painting regularly every week!!! I am not really happy with this picture, something seems to be not right about it.


  1. There's a rural peacefulness about this picture that is very attractive. If anything is missing it may be some darker shading in the foreground to bring it forward --darker than that line up of trees way back in the distance? This painting is worth a bit more development; it's very nice.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I will work on it and post again!