Friday, July 2, 2010

The Goa Experience

We have just come back from a really rejuvenating and wonderful holiday in Goa. It was a celebration for Viveck's 60th...and of course all the girls, their significant others and my baby Sufi...only added to making it a totally perfect experience.We stayed in an old converted Portuguese house outside a village, quite close to the beach. It was 'off season' as we are in the middle of the monsoons, but it was glorious. I decided to keep a journal for this holiday, so these are some of my pictures. It was quite a challenge painting plain aire all the time, but it taught me a lot. I was so inspired all the time...I love painting from it was quite perfect!
Tiger lillies with flooded paddy fields behind...and of course coconut palms!

The colours were so vibrant, so many shades of greens and browns...everything shone all the timre as the rain continuously washed everythinh clean.
Nafisa taught me the technique of using a black pen on my water colours, so I did that on the picture of the leaves above and this one below


  1. These are all such wonderful paintings of a wonderful vacation.

  2. When you paint outside, do you use pan paints or tube? And I'm assuming you use the ink after you lay the watercolor down? I think your journal drawings are very nice.

  3. oh - and are those two goats he is using for plowing? My sister and I had goats growing up - can't imagine making those stubborn animals behave like that!

  4. Lovely paintings and such a wonderful way to record your holiday.

  5. I love your paintings! Are you making a paint journal? That sounds great!