Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue Flowers

These grow in my veranda 'garden'!!!! Its monsoon time and so many things are beginning to bloom. I got this plant in Assam, and it has traveled with me to Kolkata! The flowers are so beautiful and quite unique as they grow out of the leaves! Unfortunately they only stay in bloom for a day!
This was painted in my journal, and I wish I had left the background white...I tried putting in the impression of the leaves that were surrounding the flowers...and now I feel the background is a little too overpowering and the flowers are getting lost! Hmmmmmm! its all about learning!
 Here's a photograph to show how pretty they actually are!


  1. Wow, great job. They really have a beautiful flower!

  2. I have just learned about these! I think they are irises. They are just wonderful, but here in south Florida, they won't do well, sadly. Glad you got such a pretty one! The blue is just gorgeous, I think! You painting is nice, but I agree with you, the flowers are lost in the leaves...but then again that is how they look in real life too!!! :)