Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lights and shadows

Viveck and I went to Dehra Dun, very suddenly, to be with friends. I was sitting on the Shatapdi train and waiting for it to start,  very early in the morning, and noticed what a good picture the opposite platform, with its bench and grill, made, the rays of the early morning sun were just gently lighting one side but a a hint of shadow remained on the other! These are all old structures, that are getting spruced up and painted for the Commonwealth games India is hosting this year!
 In Dehra Dun we stayed in a little cottage attached to the main house and there was so many opportunities to paint. I loved waking up in the early morning to the sound of birds, the rain...and be able to look out of the window and enjoy the quiet and stillness. My spirit gets rested when I am amidst trees and greenery!
I used a pen for a few of the pictures and stuck with only water colours with the others.
Have to thank Nafisa for insisting I keep a journal! Painting seems to have become addictive!


  1. Wonderful watercolors! I really love your journal!

  2. Ma,
    Totally impressed with the way these have turned out!!
    You've got the hang of the pen technique and it looks great!! Very very nice selection!!
    LOVE the bench at the station!!