Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Life again!

Two more 'still life' pictures from painting class. We took the challenge of doing a 'big' picture and focus on painting reflections off crystal. This picture is 24" square. The bright pink dupatta was a wonderful colour to use in the background, after all the browns and greens I tend to paint with. I loved doing this picture.It took time and helped me concentrate and focus on what was important, the glints and reflections, the expanse of fabric..... On the whole I feel the picture came out well, except for the white fabric....I got a little to generous with the grey for the folds on the white table cloth!
The next one is also a 'quick' still life and took me all of 2 hours from the drawing to finishing the picture. We rummaged in Jyoti's fridge and took out whatever we could find! I think the 'quick painting' bit suits me...It helps me focus.  I had to stop myself from fiddling and spoil the picture!!!!

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