Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Kelu Vinayak Temple

This is one of my two pictures that was exhibited at a recent exhibition. It was my first exhibition! The Kelu Vinayak Temple at Bagabasa (15000 feet), at the base of Roopkund! The reference is from a few pictures that Viveck took on our trek to Roopkund last year. It was the end of a grueling day of walking where we climbed almost 3000 feet on an almost non existent track. We were exhausted and as we turned the corner at the very top, suddenly there was this amazing little temple made of rocks with a beautiful stone statue of Ganesh inside and brass bells outside! It was such a spiritual experience, that I can still feel that moment of wonder and joy. So painting it was sheer joy as it brought back all the same feelings for me!


  1. I had to Google this, I was so curious about your trek. Amazing! How remote, yet stunning and beautiful. You have captured it in reality and spirit! Thank you and congrats on your exhibition.


  2. Thanks for looking and commenting Nanina. It was an amazing experience!

  3. Congrats on your exhibition. I admire the loose way you can paint. I can almost feel your joy in this sketch.