Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking out of Tash's window!

I am staying with Nitasha in Mumbai, on the 11th floor! In the distance there is an old building which has this wonderful gate leading onto the main road. It is made of wrought iron possibly, and I  see it every morning as I sit down with my morning cup of tea. This part of Mumbai is full of high rises, and this old gate certainly stands out. I have used washes and a black pen to do a quick sketch. At the moment there is a lot of rain here, so everything is very green and lush....I have tried to get the 'wet' look with the puddles in the court yard and the reflections of the cars on the road. It took about 45 mins. to do this sketch! Since starting to paint last year, my powers of observation seems to have improved greatly, I notice details of shape and size of things around, observes changes in light and shadows as the sun moves across a day, am able to isolate little scenes form a whole, that could make a possible picture....its a wonderful feeling....anything can create a picture!

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  1. This gate is like jewelry piece surrounded by tree frame.

    Very good observation Brinda!
    Thank you,