Monday, September 27, 2010

Kaash Flowers

The 20 min.challenge this month was Something Autumn!The immediate picture that comes to mind is that of  leaves turning to yellows and golds, rusts and the many shades of reds, yards covered with fallen leaves and Nat King Cole singing Autumn Leaves!
However in Bengal where I live, autumn means the flowering of the Kaash flowers. It heralds  the end of the very wet Monsoons and the fields, especially near the river are covered with Kaash! I suppose its a kind of elephant grass which have these amazing silvery grey flowers! The river is no longer unsafe and the small country boats start fishing again. I have a memory of them from mother used to put them in tall earthenware pots, and they glistened like silver, when the sunlight fell on them!


  1. this is beautiful and i also like the red rickshaw :) wonderful 20 minute sketches!

  2. This is stunning. Love the splash of red... but upon looking at it longer, the reflections and movement about this piece are lovely. Wonderful.