Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The beetlenut tree

I created this picture from a number of different pictures. Its not my usual style and preference of using a loose wet technique, but I thought I would push myself outside the box a little!. I remembered Ona's lesson about focusing on the COI, and thus have exaggerated the beetle nut tree a little as it has an interesting bark. I have also put more detail in the mustard fields in the background and used a fine brush to do so. Certainly a first for me as I much prefer a broader brush and a looser style. This is a very typical scene in rural Bengal!


  1. What a great painting Brinda. I've never heard of a beetle nut tree, but they look really interesting and I particularly like the way you have shown the roots.

  2. I like this too, the focus on the tree, but still my eye was swept to view the base under the tree and the fields beyound.

  3. You did a great job on the textures of the tree bark and the foliage. Nice!!