Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

We're already into the 6th of January and I have only just had the time to look into my blog! So before anything else....a very very Happy New Year to everyone! I sketched this on a recent visit to Kalinpong. I was looking after Sufi as she slept and looking out of the window was thinking of yet another year ending and a new one starting, how I felt peaceful and content in this continuity, especially as I looked at our little grand daughter so fast asleep, another generation growing up! The view outside framed by the old wooden window made a lovely picture, and seemed apt and suited  my contemplative mood. So I post it here to say 'all the very best for a wonderful and fulfilling New Year!

The girls and their hubbies/ to be hubby and Sufi were all here for over 10 days! What a magical time it has been! So much laughter and fun and such precious memories! So although I have been doing some painting have not really had any time to post anything!

The following pictures were part of art class in early December. Finally I have a tutor who seems to understand what I want to do so has been encouraging me to practice practice practice!!!! I am beginning to realise this is the best way to get a better control of the medium and understand how to work with varying values of colour! These are just quick pictures, each has taken about a half hour, and the ideas were taken from pictures by other water colour artists.

The next 3 pictures were done in plein aire. The first is a tiny temple in the resort Anantara in Hua Hein in Thailand where we had gone for a few days to finalise Naeeda's wedding plans! The poinsettias  were painted during our recent visit to Kalinpong. Their colours were so bright that I tried to capture that brightness!


  1. You are really coming along Brinda. Practice, practice practice is the key--or paint, paint, paint. Painting is like everything else, you do it all the time and your skills improve. You neglect for a time and you lose touch.

  2. Thanks for looking! I totally agree. I plan to try and do one picture everyday! Hows that for a new years resolution!

  3. I enjoy your watercolors so much.

  4. Happy New Year, Brinda!!! You are off to a good start with new work. I like this one of the view out the window...very peaceful! Great job on the paintings from the class, but I really like the plein air work!!!

  5. Thanks! I missed your comments!