Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A sketch on my birthday!

I painted this today, sitting in the sun, looking out at the hills and just being content. We are in Coonoor, up in the Nilgiri Mountains, the blue mountains as the name suggests! Viveck planned this as a birthday treat  and I am really happy that we took this time out. Trees fascinate me, and I can never have enough of looking at them, there is so much strength in them, and for me a they create a sense of continuity, of history and of course beauty! This tree stood at the edge of the lawn, the trunk in interesting shapes and I have tried to capture the wonderful lights of a winter sun! I think I should have painted the hills at the back a little bit darker!

There is no pollution here, so I guess the sun shines brighter. We went for  long walk up to Sims Park, full of a wonderful variety of trees, the oldest being 150 years old, the sunlight peeping in and out among the trees, creating interesting colours, lights and shadows! New leaves have begun to sprout, and the colours are amazing, from lime greens to translucent pinks and reds! I have taken a lot of reference pictures and hope some more sketches will come from this wonderful holiday!


  1. It may be late from here but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRINDA! What a lovely surprise to get a holiday like that, sounds wonderful. I'm going to Google the region to see what it looks like, my way of travelling the world. Your tree painting is perfect, it shows through brush strokes that you enjoyed it.

  2. Truly beautiful well done!
    and from me too, happy happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Nice to get away to a peaceful and calm place!
    The tree looks beautiful!

  4. This is beautiful!!! I love the way you did the gnarly twisting tree trunk and the leaves. I think the blue mountains are fine as they are...any darker and they might compete with the tree. Happy Birthday!!! I looks like you found the perfect spot to relax and celebrate.

  5. Thanks Ann, Lynn, Sujata and Joan.....I did have a terrific birthday!