Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sketches form Africa!

I seem to have been travelling for the last 3 months, first St Annes, then Jiandal in Bangalore and finally 3 weeks to absorb the magic of  Africa.
We started off in Mombassa where Viveck was attending the first African Tea Convention. We were put up at an amazing new resort on the beach with a balcony that looked out onto the sea! It is winter in most of East Africa, since its in the southern Hemisphere, so from the heat of Kolkata and Mumbai we arrived to very pleasant and cool weather in Mombassa.
I had hoped to do a lot more sketches than I actually manged to do. Possibly because we were travelling so much and I was really too busy absorbing all the myriad impressions and feelings about Africa! Now that I am back I have a strong urge to paint an Africa series from all the pictures we have taken!
I sat on the beach and sketched the bay opposite! The sea was an aquamarine blue and so calm.
 The resort we stayed in was built around many many palm trees. This was done sitting on my balcony and looking out at the sea. The days were so bright and the light clear!
Nafisa had given me a sketch book so I used it quite a bit and also didn't just stick to water colours. I felt the lack of pencils or crayons, as they are far easier to use when travelling with little time! Anyway I used the black pens she gave me and a 4 b pencil to draw this camel. he sat on the beach, looking totally superior, as camels ted to do, and waiting to take people on rides!
 looking through the stone grill on our balcony!

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