Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pictures from my Retreat

I have spent 3 weeks at a Naturecure Institute near Bangalore. It was a time to bond with Nishka and both of us address some health and weight issues....It has been a wonderful experience, tough as the regime was very strict, but rejuvenating and so exhilarating, especially since we have come back so well and full of energy! I had taken my painting stuff hoping to do lots of painting, but just didn't get down to it. The place was beautiful with amazing tree lined walks and space where one could be quiet! I did manage to wet my brushes twice though and these are the results. Just quick sketches. Its Monsoon time so the trees were full of leaves and the colours of the plants vibrant. This is the path I walked on everyday
 A wonderful clump of tall elephant grass which was in flower. I was fascinated by the colours which seemed to change with the ever varying light at different times of the day


  1. Brinda, while your watercolors are lovely--particularly the trees along your path, taking time recenter yourself is crucial and shouldn't be weighted down by having to do anything but what your heart prompts. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Lovely job, especially the grasses. I am in Venice right now. Come see what I have posted. Ciao!