Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Africa!

We went to Tanzania by road from Nairobi. In fact we did as much of our travel by road as we could. Its the way we like to travel as one gets to see so much of the country! We spent our first night at Lake Manyara, in a wonderful forest lodge. This was the view that greeted me in the morning. We looked down into the lake area with Mount Meru in the background. I painted really quickly as I wanted to catch the colours of the early morning. The pinks, the golds and the overall blues and mauve were wonderful!

As we drove through the vast dry open planes of Serengati we would often see Masai shepherd in the distance, brightly clothed and jewelled adding a spot of colour to an otherwise dry land! I caught sight of these two under a HUGE tree as we drove past on our way to the Ngorongoro crater. The  vegetation had changed here as we drove through forests which were evergreen as now we were at a higher altitude. Came back to the hotel and tried to re create what I had seen!
We stayed on Lake Kibu in Rwanda. This is a view of one of the many islands on the lake, as the light began to fade in the evening.
 In Uganda we visited a tea Estate. While Viveck went to the Factory and the estate, I sat on the veranda trying to capture the hushed serenity of the place.


  1. Hi Brinda. You have certainly made the most of your travelling with your paintings and I've enjoyed seeing them. Glad you're back to TMC.....ann.

  2. Thanks Ann
    I am so glad to be back as well!