Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arjun's house in Manila

Arjun has an amazing home in Manila. The house is HUGE with a wonderful verandas and a garden that is lush and green, with a variety of tropical plants. The plants seem so green here, and the flowers shine like jewels as they catch the sun. Its possibly because the atmosphere is much cleaner here and not as polluted as Kolkata. These orange flowers are a kind of 'flame of the forest' but in bush form!
I have been wanting to use a pen to complement my picture so have tried it in these ones! I used the pen to define important lines and add depth to the picture. I am still trying to struggle to develop a distinctive style of my own, I like to paint in a wet style, in a very transparent fashion, where the water colours don't look 'thick'! If I look critically at my work I feel my painting is improving, But I am still not getting the transparent and translucent quality of using water colours!
These are 2 leaves I picked up in the garden....loved the colours, and tried a really wet style! Thought I would do it as a 20 min. challenge, but it didnt work as there seemed too many details.  Not very happy with it, but....!


  1. Love the one of Uncle A's house!

  2. The house reminds me of the house I lived in, in Kampala. The leaves are also lovely.

  3. Hi was looking at yr watercolours ..very pretty ......I paint with oils ...just a suggestion..create depth with values rather than ink ..especially if you wantthat translucent effect would render the painting harsh. Second ..the leaves where you felt there were too many details ...pick and choose..every detail doesnt have to be painted ...suggestion lends more mystery!! Happy painting!!

  4. Very sweet house Brinda. And the leaves are so Autumn-ie beautiful!
    Thank you,