Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Orchids in a teak forest!

Our wonderful holiday in Thailand ended with a visit to the bridge on the river Kwai in Kanchanabura....yes the same one which was a major movie with Alec Guinness!!! Naeeda and David had booked us into this beautiful resort which was on the river itself and built in a teak plantation. It had been really well planned as the rooms were actually single roomed cottages interspersed between the trees, covered in flowering orchids of all colours. The landscaping followed the natural flow of the land and had little ponds and wooden bridges! The food was excellent and we had a really relaxed time!
These two pictures were painted in my sketch book and were really quick sketches. I enjoyed being able to paint plein aire! Neither took more than an hour!

This last sketch was also done quite quickly as we lazed on cushions on the deck almost at the rivers very edge! I need to do it in colour as well! Want to see if I can paint  it from this sketch as a reference!


  1. Lovely work! I love the freshness and the colors. And it looks like the perfect spot for a vacation too. :)

  2. The one of the bridge really is lovely, Ma. You have managed to capture the orchids and the side of the bridge just as it was!