Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday in Thailand...Marigold garlands

We went to visit an old traditional Thai home....all made of wood, Jim Thompson's home (an American architect who lived inThailand in the early 1900s and popularised silk weaves to the western world), now a museum. It is a really beautiful house, made in traditional Thai style, all in wood, full of priceless treasures, surrounded outside by a lush garden, full of amazing orchids and plants and of course the traditional pond with lotus blooming! It was a really hot day but the gardens and the inside of the house was cool and peaceful. In the north east corner is this little temple that houses the Gods! The belief in Thailand  is that all home have a temple for the local Gods and this protects the home and keeps everyone safe. The temple has to be built on the north east part of the property, so that the shadow of the house doesn't ever fall on it....or the gods will get angry! The wonderful bright Marigold garlands and white flowers adorning  the wooden temple, surrounded by thick green plants, including an overhead hanging 'bird of paradise', certainly caught my eye and made a pretty picture!

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