Monday, November 8, 2010

My flowering cactus!

Tash and Sufi have been visiting for the first time, so I was totally immersed being grand mom, and had no time to do any serious painting or  participate in any of my painting challenges!! However while Sufi slept on my bed early one morning, I decided to paint my flowering cactus plant for the twenty minute challenge! Viveck thinks its a very ugly plant as the bud id so huge and out of symmetry with the rest of the plant! This the 3rd time this cactus has flowered. I followed it closely this time as every other time I thought it died at the bud stage. This time I managed to catch it in full bloom for a very short period, late at night! Its such a huge bud for such a small plant, and the flower was a glorious white bloom with deep pink tinted petals! I should have painted the flower but it was very late at night, and I didn't realise it would start fading in a few hours!
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. This is so nice. I love seeing other peoples sketchbook work and their scribbling. It would have been interesting to see this flower in full bloom!

  2. I just love these night blooming cactus. This is a good 20min sketch. HCM.

  3. HCM Brinda
    That is a nice piece. Really lovely watercolour.


  4. Such a neat cactus to give you those blooms three times!


  5. Very nice, and how nice that you were able to "catch" the bloom in time to do this wonderful sketch!

  6. Wonderful painting of this beautiful blooming cactus! HCM!