Saturday, October 23, 2010

ATCs (Artists Trading Cards)

I got a mail from an artist friend, Elva (we became friends through our postings in the 100 painting challenge) asking if I would like to participate in ATCs. I quote from her here as she described what ATCs are:
A Swiss artist, M. V. Stinnemann came up with the idea in 1997.  .... little pieces of artwork (2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches) artists to trade ... free ... not for sale.  He invisioned that trading be done in person and even organized trading sessions which still go on in different places. The idea caught on and some like to trade through trading forums where you mail in the artwork and it is traded to someone you have never met.  
Elva and I are not keen to paint for total strangers, but we agreed it would be fun to trade with people we know, or even friends of friends! I got my first 3 from Elva yesterday, all the way from the US and I am posting them here to share! Its such a great feeling, especially since she has taken the effort to send me 2 night time pictures, as she knows I find painting night time scenes really tough! I am now painting my 3 for her and hope to have them ready to send on Monday!



  1. I have also traded with Elva and her ATCs are a treasure.
    I love when artists discover ATCs as I did a few years ago.

    I would love to trade with you also Brinda but not until I get settled in Arizona in the next few weeks. That is, if you want to.

  2. I would love to. Send me your address in Arizona, and I will send you a couple first!

  3. Brinda,

    Visited your blog accidentally...
    Found out the accident to be something which is very comforting and nice...

    (for all your work)

  4. I love Elva's work! and her stories that go along with them. She will be equally lucky to get three from you. I really enjoy your work.

  5. Thanks for looking and commenting!