Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tiger tiger!

This is for Priya's 50th birthday and the picture has been composed from a series of pictures I found on the net. Priya being an activist for animal causes....I thought it was appropriate! I tried to find one of a lion, as she had nursed a very sick lion while she was working at the SPCA in Mumbai, but just couldn't find one. Painting this picture has been a HUGE learning experience! I am not sure I really enjoyed painting it either, I think painting animals doesn't really turn me on too took a lot of time, and I am still not sure I like the competed picture. I wonder, does one paint any and every subject because as an artist one should be able to, or should one stick to things that catch ones interest, and in my case that would be landscapes and trees and views from things happening around me. I have painted a lot of still life as Habib has insisted that it is the best way to learn. The other thing is that I like painting 'wet' water colours and not have to put in minute details, I work quickly and like to finish my work in just a few sittings, if not a single one....I think animals and people require a lot more detail....anyway lets see whether Priya likes it or not!

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