Saturday, June 2, 2012

Orchids in Bangkok!

Bangkok is the land of you get off the plane at the airport you are greeted by them and everywhere you go they are there, wonderful blooms in myriad colours!. They bring back memories of my father and my childhood in Burma! He had an amazing love for them and collected plants from all over the country as he traveled in his role as Military Attache. Now My daughter Naeeda seems to be developing the same interest. She has orchids in her home in Bangkok and spends a lot of time worrying about them  and fussing over them!
I have been visiting the kids for a week as David has had to be in hospital for a couple of days....and waiting in his hospital room I painted these in my sketch book!


  1. Lovely painting Brinda...I hope the David you refer to is getting better.

  2. Lovely!!! How great to see them so regularly. It is rare to find them here other than in a nursery.

  3. David is my son-in-law....and he is fine now, and I am back home in Kolkata!