Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nets in Cochin

Practicing my paintings and working towards the exhibition. I did a pencil sketch as a first step towards completing this painting. It helped me get my values sorted! Then I have done a small version of the picture 11"x7 1/2". Now I am ready to do the final version, which will probably be on a half size sheet! I have fiddled with the colours and have chosen the ones I will use. I think this a good way forward really! It gives me space to think through what I want to convey in the picture and  experiment!
The reference pictures are from our trip to Cochin where we saw the Chinese fishing nets! They are only called Chinese fishing nets because they were originally brought from China by the Portuguese who first introduced them to this part of India and now they have become indigenous to the fishermen on this coast!


  1. Great job on this painting and the one of the women. It is good that you do a smaller one to work out the compositon and the colors before moving on to a half sheet. Good work!!

  2. Brinda, your work is really good !! I can see now you're ready to show...Good Luck with the Exhibition !