Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sketches from Bhutan

Naeeda gave me a sketchbook which I decided to christen on our recent weekend trip to Bhutan. What a wonderful country! The magic starts on the flight itself,  as we start approaching Bhutan nestled among clouds and mist in the heart of the Himalayas!  The views were dramatic and both Thimpu and Paro had their own unique charm. I did a few pictures pleine aire, sitting on my hotel balcony, and have taken many pictures to use as reference for future sketches and paintings.
This was a view of Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan sketched from my hotel. It was mid afternoon and the sun was bright glistening on the river which flows through the town. Nafisa says the colour of the water is like liquid jade!

Straight ahead of us was this monument which was built in memory of the 4th king of Bhutan when he died. It was surrounded by trees and I have tried to capture the contrasts of the greens, white and the golden dome!

This next sketch is of a huge statue of the Buddha built of brass on a spur overlooking Thimpu. It is so huge that one can see it for miles around! It was very early morning and the brass glinted in the early morning sun. There was a rising mist and the clouds were a pale pink....I rushed in to get my paints to capture the moment!


  1. These are wonderful. I love your choice of colour palette in the third one.


  2. You've definitely captured the feeling of a misty morning! Nice work, Brinda.

  3. You are really capturing your trip in painting! Nicely done!!!

  4. Thanks Ona, Suz and Joan! It was a magical experience!