Sunday, September 11, 2011

2nd Course!

I have signed up for Fiona Kingdon's second individual online tutoring course  and am loving ever bit of it! . The objectives of this course built on what I had learnt in the first one and were (i.) to consolidate techniques to help define a COI in a painting learnt during the first set of three paintings, (ii) to learn how to develop or change a light source in a painting and experiment with creating colourful shadows, (iii) to develop a greater understanding of how colour can enhance mood/ atmosphere and experiment with using complimentary and analogous colours.
I first carried out a series of exercises to get a clearer idea of how colours work, what their properties are, how they interact with each other, what are complementary and analogue colours, how they work in a picture and so on. The exercises were very useful and I was able to understand complmentary and analogueu colours by creating my own colour wheel with the colours from my collection
I made greys
I made a chart of my own colours and listed them under cool and warm colours

The exercises to determine use of colour for the COI :

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