Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have a clear memory of sitting on a rock at Wan, just before we started the first day of our trek to Roopkund, and sketching this path and these houses at the beginning of the village. I remember the amazing greens of the trees and how the sun light shone through the trees and the play of light and shadow. There is something really special about a clear sunny day at 11 thousand feet!!!! I remember the day so well, we were up really early and woke up to hot tea and biscuits brought by our ghursavar while the excitement of starting my first serious trek into the Himalayas built up. We had to wait while our pack ponies were arranged and walked up a little to take pictures and sketch a little.


  1. Nice light and shadow in this!!!

  2. Very inviting painting Brinda. I love how you placed the house in the light and the path is a little in a dark.
    Thank you,