Friday, May 20, 2011


I did this on my flight to UK yesterday. 7 hours from Dubai to Manchester through the night was really something. I was looking through the inflight magazine and came across a picture of this little African girl from an advert from a funding agency, and was touched with her smile. It reminded me of the grand daughter of the lady I stayed with in Jamaica during one of my work trips so many years ago. She was always grinning, in and out of my room and fascinated that my hair was straight!!!! So I decided to paint the picture. Its the first time I have painted a portrait as well. I can see some of the flaws in this picture....for example the eyes are not quite at the same level....but as a first its not bad! I wasn't thinking too much as I painted, just kept the feeling alive. I see how crucial memories are to the success of a painting. if you don't get a strong feeling for the subject, the painting will possibly never come alive, no matter how skilled you are as a painter!


  1. Not bad for being painted Up in the Air with possible turbulence. The smile is captured--whether the anatomy is absolutely correct doesn't matter, your values are good.

  2. Just saw your TMC contribution at Teri's blog and you inspired me. I've been in a slump over one particular painting for months, your quicky inspired me to pick up my markers and just get back to it. I'm headed out to the garden. Thanks.

  3. Brinda, Nice job on this. You captured her smile and did a great job on her skin tones!