Sunday, March 14, 2010

the red door

I was in Cambodia when I saw a similar door outside an old home. The original dark blue paint had begun to chip off, but it was obviously a really old piece, so grand and beautiful. I felt sorry I hadn't taken a picture. Then today on one of my Wet Canvas challenges...there was the door as one of the reference pictures.... in Chicago of all places, in much better condition. It was this lovely red and I decided I must paint it. This is a trial, but definitely one of the pictures I want to do for an exhibition I am planning!!! ahem!!!! Should have used a ruler as the right frame is a bit off!!! It hasn't come out quite as I wanted as I feel its a bit flat. Also maybe I am putting too much detail...I like a wet on wet, slightly diffused style.
Hmmmmm need to practice much more!

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