Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I became 57 on the 1st....getting closer to 60 now! There is a feeling that I need to get things done and completed...I think for the first time there is a slight feeling of falability...if there is such a word. So I have planned to keep a journal and paint something into it everyday, record a thought for everyday...However today is the 3rd and I have been looking around for a journal, but no instead of putting off the painting have painted the lily on an ordinary bit of paper...and will use the blog as a journal till I can get or have made an art journal!
These were part of my birthday flowers! Not sure its a good painting, but I have got the colour. Need to practice so much more. I really have to get the depth right.
My problem is I'm impatient. I need to learn to wait between washes, and not want to finish in a hurry!The stemuns have become almost invisible! Will do another I think. I find it easier to paint from a reference photograph, when it comes to things like flowers. This was an attempt from real life!


  1. hey brinda, this is ma and me, priya. really great paintings. where r the paintings for my farm? i really want some big, nice ones. read out all your notes to ma...she is most impressed. ma says, "yr paintings r awesome but what is the spellings of stamens?????" hahaha love always