Sunday, January 31, 2010

painting white flowers

I belong to this amazing website called Wet Canvas, which is a space for artists of all kinds, professionals, amateurs, occasional painters, from all over the world and who use every kind of medium: photographs, oils, pencils, crayons and so on...It has been an amazing experience belonging to this group of people...there is so much generosity in the way they help other artists and critique your actual fact I have learnt more from these friends then I did in my class!!!
There is a system of a monthly challenge, where you are given a series of reference pictures from which you choose one and then post it for comments. Its not a competition, but a challenge with yourself.... its amazing how much I have learnt by seeing how different artists view and paint the same things! This is a picture I submitted for a challenge which was looking at ways to paint white flowers! Its not the best, as I feel I need to work a lot more on catching perspective and depth! But then I am learning all the time!! I have converted a corner of the TV room as my 'painting space', so hope to be more regular in practicing!

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