Saturday, March 3, 2012

The golden rickshaw!

Sometimes you paint a picture and it makes your heart sing, as it is exactly how you wanted it to be. That's how I feel about my recent picture of the rickshaw. I loved the colours the rickshaw took on, bathed in the light of the afternoon sun, a  golden glow....and I have managed to catch YIPPPPeeee! I am thrilled with this! It did not take too much time....Around a couple of hours from start to finish, and this time I just let my feelings take over, not try and be too accurate with the details.....and here it golden rickshaw! The interesting thing also was that I just used a very limited palette, just 3 colours, gamboge yellow, burnt sienna, burnt umber and a tiny bit of crimson!

I wish I painted more! I make these many resolutions to paint EVERY day or almost everyday, and  they fall by the wayside as life just takes over! Maybe the trick is to not make any resolutions but just do it....and not necessarily feel terribly guilty if I dont'!


  1. You have managed to present a range of warm hues, with use of just a few shades! Lovely painting :)

  2. Wonderful job on this...the rickshaw just glows with that yellow around it. Nicely done!!

  3. Hello Brinda, What a great piece of art. I am a blogger from Dhaka and would like to use this picture as my blog's logo, if I get your permission. My blog url is I am hoping that you grant me the permission to use this photo. Thanks and have a nice day.