Sunday, November 6, 2011

Auto 1

The newest member to our family, my about to be son-in-law is Portuguese and was totally taken up by the 'autos' in India, during his first few visits. So I have decided to paint him a series of pictures called the 'auto' series. I have used Indian artist Mullick's pictures as references as he has a great style and I am learning a lot by copying bits from his work. The scenes also appeal to me so much as they are everyday scenes from rural and urban India!


  1. It's a beautiful painting, Brinda! I love the style!

  2. The warm tones pulled me in. Love them against the cool bits.'Auto'-matic hit.

  3. beautiful picture in correct water color technique...


    all the best...

  4. This is really lovely Brinda! Look forward to seeing more from the Auto series.

  5. Thanks Judy, Joan, Suz, Jyothi and Ann. Have been so busy of late and so not been able to paint or check my blog!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice note. I very much appreciate it.
    I saw this painting and thought that it was a work by Milind Mullick. He is one of my favourite watercolourists. It was only after reading the blog and scrolling down to an earlier post that I realised that it is your work done in his style.
    Your painting is very nice.