Friday, June 3, 2011

Boats revisited!

This is the 2nd picture I have worked on in Fiona's class. We used the earlier lessons of deciding on the COI and also the palette and colour values, to get ready to start this painting. I give the reference picture first:
Ona suggested I mix greys from other colours and put me on to a link at Wet canvas. So I practiced some greys and made some value strips, which looked like this:
After this I made the value strips of the colours I thought I would use and that came out like this:
I then drew the picture on Cansons 300 gsm paper (rough) 15 X 11"
I then painted the first picture which looks like this:
I wasn't too happy with the picture because I felt I hadn't got the feeling of distance as well as I wanted to and the misty feeling was definitely missing. Ona shared 'a technique you can use is to glaze over everything in the distance apart from your COI with a clear wash of water a couple times, letting it dry in between. You could even add a glaze or two of a pale blue again after this if it still needs a bit of misting. Washes over the top of detail help to soften the edges and create a more misty/smoky/distant feel'.
What an amazing I did just that and the final picture has come out as I wanted it and is given below:


  1. Hi Brinda,

    It's so lovely to read your joy at discovering new techniques. The boats turned out beautifully.


  2. Lovely work, some very good tips there!

  3. I love how the boats turned out!!! You work is getting better and better!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! And thanks for the tips.

  5. Thanks Jane, Joan, Marmsk and Ona! I value you looking and taking the time to comment!