Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm quite fascinated by boats and reflections. So I can see a series coming out my ever growing collection of reference pictures! I am also interested in catching reflections in different lights, and the lights itself. This was early in the morning, ah=gain at Arun's farm...and there was a clear light about!  The fisherman was probably getting ready for his day's work, possibly finding a spot from where he could throw in his net for the day's catch!
The next one is of the banyan tree I can look down at, from my kitchen window. I see the tree through all the the moment it's full of new transparent leaves as summer comes along. It was early evening and the sun caught the new leaves making them glow in the light. The sky was pink touched with shades of amber and the whole scene was infused with wonderful warm colours. I rushed and got my journal, and did a quick 20 min sketch, no drawing, just painted straight on to the paper!

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  1. painting straight onto the paper takes the stress out of painting. I think it's the only way to go. Sometimes we get too fussy when we draw first. Nice fresh work.