Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching up!!

These are pictures I did over last month when I decided to start another blog, for posting daily paintings. I realise it was a ridiculous decision as I spent my time repeating myself, so have cancelled the other blog and posted a few pictures I had done over the last month, and not posted here!
Feb 5th 2011
I was walking at the CCFC the other day...It was getting dusk and the sky was a pale pinkish blue with a little yellow. I looked up to see this wonderful tree silhouetted, the branches almost black and the pale evening sky enhancing the darkness of the branches. It was so striking, that I have been wanting to recreate the picture....Artistic licence in my picture as I visulised what it would look like in an open air setting....somewhere it was not surrounded by buildings! This is the result!
Feb 11th 2011
A wonderful day spent at Arun's farm on the river! So of course there were paintings of boats! A sketch in my journal, and another smaller picture...both done quickly and using a pen again!

Arun also grows his own vegetables! I have never seen purple 'ghat gobis' before. I think they are a form of turnip....the colour was so striking that I did a quick painting for the 20 min. challenge!
11th Feb 2011
Another painting from Arun's place....his veggie patch! I had not taken a picture, but had done a simple sketch, and the rest is in retrospective memory! I am beginning to realise with a strong feeling of joy, that if something moves me enough, if I concentrate and focus on it, it stays in my memory and can be painted later!  This was a quick picture, but I really like it, the purple turnips, a variety of spinach and cabbage and the yellows of the mustard flower! The brick coloured outhouse and wall at the back made a great rustic picture!


  1. I have seen a few of these before, but I always enjoy seeing your artwork again.