Sunday, May 30, 2010

the View from the window

I have been staying with Nitasha for a month. She lives on the 11th floor, and I have been watching the trees from her window...change colour and now start to bloom. Mumbai is a concrete mess...but some how this view with the national park, in the middle, somehow takes me away from the harshness of the tall sky scrapers...and I see the beauty of the wonderful gulmohar hues of  vibrant red and orange.Right in the middle is those old buildings...some kind of warehouse which have remained intact...such a contrast with the buildings in the back!


  1. She really does have a lovely view from her window.

  2. A quiet corner in the middle of a vast concrete jungle, does so much to rest the spirit.

  3. It certainly does!I call them the lungs of Mumbai....some space to breathe!